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Jackie Deakin & Newbigin Family Essay Prize

The prize winners of the 2012/3 Jackie Deakin and Newbigin Family Essay Prize have been announced. The award is for medical students submitting an essay about dystonia and is designed to encourage students to learn more about dystonia. You can read the winning entries here.


The winners

  Name Essay Title
1st Claudia Pisarek

Deep brain stimulation and dystonia: mechanisms of efficacy and advances in our understanding of dystonia pathogenesis

2nd Arun Arujun Bhaskaran Unmasking the true pathophysiology of dystonia
3rd Phillip Correia Copley Deep Brain stimulation in the Treatment of Dystonia – The Importance of Patient Selection
3rd Lilia Dimitrov Could the musical world hold the key to understanding dystonia?
3rd David Ferguson Dystonia: Where Now? Strategic utilisation of sport and the media to increase the awareness of dystonia in the United Kingdom
3rd Emily Heathfield Dystonia and Brain Iron Accumulation. An Overview of the Current Understanding, Diagnosis and Treatment of Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation
3rd Jing Ouyang The Role of Neuronal Plasticity in Dystonia


The panel of judges

The panel was:

  • Dr Mark Edwards (Chair of Marking Panel)
  • Dr Tim Harrower
  • Dr Hardev Pall
  • Dr Peter Moore
  • Dr Huw Morris
  • Professor Tom Warner


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