The Dystonia Society

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Current research projects

The Dystonia Society is active in supporting research into the causes of dystonia and into improved treatments.

Completed Project

Current Projects

Recently funded projects

Childhood dystonia audit. Evelina Children's Hospital, London

 The Evelina has collected a substantial database of information about young people with dystonia. The project aim is to analyse this data in order to learn lessons that will result in better diagnosis, treatment and support for affected children in the future. The project will be run by Dr Jean-Pierre Lin, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist.

Cell mechanisms of childhood dystonia. Royal Free Hospital, London.

The research project at the Free Hospital found significant data regarding the cellular processes of the genetically mutated DYT1 gene which encodes a protein called torsinA. Understanding differences of how this gene works in healthy people and people with dystonia is providing important clues as to how dystonic movements arise.

Genetic basis of cervical dystonia. Institute of Neurology, London

Research at the Institute of Neurology has used specialised electrophysiology, brain imagery and psychophysical techniques to provide a way of potentially identifying underlying genes responsible for cervical dystonia.

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