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See below for information on our upcoming Living with dystonia (LWD) Events.


Title Date Location  
 Living with Dystonia Event 03/09/2016 Edinburgh For more info contact

We have already held many Living with dystonia (LWD) Events and you can learn more about some of them below.


Title Date Location  
LWD Event focused on neck dystonia 25 February 2012 Manchester  
LWD Event 21 April 2012 Glasgow  
LWD Event focused on facial dystonias 28 April 2012 London  
LWD Event focused on neck dystonia 23 June 2012 Birmingham  
LWD Event 17 November 2012 Edinburgh  
LWD Event focused on rare dystonias 24 November 2012 London  
LWD Event specifically for parents of children with dystonia 16 March 2013 Manchester  
LWD Event focused on voice dystonia 20 April 2013 Birmingham  
LWD Event 15 June 2013 Yorkshire  
LWD Event 05 October 2013 Exeter  
LWD Event focused on neck dystonia 16 November 2013 London  

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Living with Dystonia Events aim to increase your understanding of dystonia and ways of coping with the condition through specialist speakers and workshops. Events have already been held in several areas of the UK and more are in the planning stages.

Click on the links below to find out more about our past and upcoming events and also to book places.

Note: The Dystonia Society operates a confidentiality policy to ensure information provided to us will be used solely for the purpose for which it is given and be kept confidential within the organisation. However, the Society may disclose information to the appropriate authorities without permission where it has a reasonable belief that there is concern that the health and safety or welfare of an individual is at risk.

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