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Fundraiser of the Month


Each month we celebrate a fundraiser (or a group of fundraisers) for their achievements in raising funds to support people with dystonia. Each and everyone of our fundraisers do amazing work in raising money and awareness for the Dystonia Society and we really appreciate all your hard work.


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Grand Fundraising

Megan Davies and Jim Steele completed the arduous Grand 2 Grand Ultra event this September, a gruelling 268km run across the Arizona desert. Despite both receiving numerous injuries, dealing with blistering heat and freezing nights; they both managed to complete the race. Jim said it was ‘one of the best experiences’ of his life.

Megan and Jim managed to raise over £5000 for the Dystonia Society - an amazing amount!

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Cycling to Success

Matt Hoyle organised a 13 mile bike ride in Kent with a group of his friends this summer. Matt and his friends organised the route to raise lots of awareness of dystonia: tying balloons to their bikes and inviting the local newspaper to take photos of the event. They managed to raise an amazing £500 for the Dystonia Society, so it’s a big thank you from us!

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Hoyle Event

Jump for Joyce

altJoyce Leatherbarrow organised a 3 hour exercise marathon at St Thomas's Primary School in Leigh, Lancashire. Her fellow participants included school staff, gym members, family and friends and they all said they could hardly move after!

Joyce and her fellow jumpers raised £1,000 each for the Dystonia Society and the British Heart Foundation. Joyce's sister has dystonia and her husband has a heart condition so these charities are important to her.

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 Muddy Fundraising

Richard Tutt took part in the Tough Mudder run this summer to raise funds for the Dystonia Society. He chose to fundraise for us as his mum has been affected by dystonia for 8 years. Tough Mudder appeared to live up to its name and Richard finished covered in mud after tackling an assault course, including crawling under an army tank - he definitely deserved his pint after! He has raised around £400!

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Time for Tea

altCarole Thorpe Gunner held a Tea Party to raise funds and awareness for the Dystonia Society. There was lots of lovely food for everyone to eat and many of the guests asked when the next tea party would be! Guests were also entertained by Helen and her adorable dog Mollie who showed off their doggy agility routine. Carole's tea party raised around £380.

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Young Fundraising

14 year old Stacey McCullough has had dystonia for a number of years and this summer underwent the Deep Brain Stimulation operation. She was told she would have to have her hair shaved before the operation so she decided to turn losing her long hair into a fundraiser. She has recieved lots of fantastic support and has raised almost £2,000 - an absolutely amaxing amount.

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Ten Carat Talent


TeamDystonia were out in force at the London Bupa 10,000 in May! Twenty runners took part in the 10K through the streets of London for the Dystonia Society this year and it was a great event. A big thank you to everyone who took part, around £2,000 was raised altogether.

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We are building up our amazing team of Fundraisers for 2013/14 and have our largest ever Marathon Teams in place for London and Brighton! There are lots of ways you can get involved in Fundraising - including Cycling, Running, Swimming and of course the Extreme Challenges. We are keen to assist with finding the right event, in the right place for YOU!

Join the team today and email our Fundraising Team fundraising@dystonia.org.uk  or ring them on 0845 803 1004



If thats whet your appetite, maybe a cup of tea is in order... why not hold a Tea Party for Dystonia?!

Hold a Tea Party in May

In May we are asking supporters to hold a Charity Tea Party to raise funds for the Dystonia Society!

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Call or Email our Fundraising Team for more details - 0845 803 1004 / fundraising@dystonia.org.uk