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TOPIC: Eye Tracking Exercises for Cervical Dystonia

Eye Tracking Exercises for Cervical Dystonia 1 year 10 months ago #3838

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How to do eye tracking exercises.
This has been highly successful for me.
When the head is being turned out of control all the time, the brain makes the eye lose its central position in the eye socket. The muscles become unbalanced. I didn't realise this had happened to me until a neuro physiotherapist pointed it out. I was absolutely taken aback at what had happened.

The exercises are basically simple, though initially for me were extremely hard to do. And very tiring as with all new muscle work. So its important to start small and build up.

Sit in a high back chair with the head well supported so you look straight ahead. Have the chair directly facing a straight line such as a window sill or a mantle piece. Then track slowly along the straight line with the eyes, but without moving the head. Do it slowly and from side to side. Do it 2 or 3 times a day, and only for a short time. Build up in strength.

I found it very difficult initially to make the eye /brain connection as I had completely lost it. It needed a lot of concentration to re-gain it. We take so much for granted in how our body works automatically when we don't have a problem.

Once the eye muscles get stronger you can move onto longer lines such as the horizon when you are out side. And go onto up down lines such as the corners in rooms. And diagonal lines.

When the eyes are fully recovered [might take many weeks], you can then use the eyes to turn the head. Yes!
We turn our head in 2 ways. Using the neck muscles. OR by our head following what our eyes are doing.
When I am walking when botox wears off, I find my head turns. So I concentrate on using my eyes muscles to bring it back on line. Its amazing just how strong you can make the eye muscles by exercising them.

Eye tracking is one of the exercises I regularly do now so I don’t ever lose the eye/brain connection again. I find a good place to do it is in the shower using the tile lines.

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