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TOPIC: How I cured my Cervical Dystonia

How I cured my Cervical Dystonia 2 years 1 month ago #3774

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Hello everyone. I would like to talk about my story on how I developed cervical dystonia, as well as what I did to cure myself from this disorder.

First, how I developed cervical dystonia...

On March 5, 2015 I went to my dentist for a routine tooth extraction. During this time, I was a completely healthy 26 year old male, with no prior health issues. I didn't know what dystonia was, nor have I had any previous movement disorder issues.

During the tooth extraction, everything went well and I was released from the dentist office.

About 2 weeks later, I noticed when I would sit down at my computer and focus on the screen (I'm a web developer), my head would "jerk" slightly and I would have trouble keeping my head still. This only seemed to happen when I was sitting down at my computer, and focusing on something.

I dismissed this as just random neck spasms that occurred due to my stressful job and living situation. Knowing some meditation techniques, I meditated for a few weeks and my neck spasms seemed to go away without issues (or atleast were under control).

During this time, I noticed my hands and feet were getting consistently cold, I was getting bad sinus infections and headaches, and at times would feel like I'm "drunk" randomly when trying to do normal tasks. I also had trouble even turning my head to the right, and no matter how hard I tried my neck would jerk back to the left. This is when the anxiety and dizziness kicked in.

I went to my doctor, told him all my issues and was given a blood test, MRI and xray. Upon recieving the results, I was told I'm in "perfect health" and was dismissed. However I certainly did not feel healthy, or even normal atleast.

As these symptoms persisted, I noticed a few things that would make my dystonia worse:

- stressful situations
- sugary foods
- alcohol
- smoking

After losing faith in the american healthcare system, I took matters into my own hands and decided to read up on dystonia and other people's journeys.

I came upon this blog talking about how an uneven bite and lack of support for the head can travel to the spine, causing spasms, cold hands and feet, as well as gastrointestinal problems/

In addition to Dystonia, I also developed Candida overgrowth, which I heard can contribute to this disease. Candida overgrowth happens if you take antibiotics, or if you drink too much alcohol, or eat too much sugar. Birth control pills can also encourage Candida overgrowth.

You can see some of the research here:

Based on my understanding, the Candida fungus releases a toxin called acetaldehyde (which is also a product of alcohol consumption). Acetaldehyde is a damaging toxin that can interfere with brain neurons. This is common in alcoholics, but is also a bi-product of yeast overgrowth. Perhaps this is why I was feeling dizzy all the time - the Candida was releasing acetaldehyde into my system, and making me feel drunk.

I decided at this point to tackle my dystonia in 4 ways:

1. Fix my uneven bite / teeth, and correct my posture via a home-made mouth rectifier (it cost me $150 total)
2. Correct placement of my tongue, to offer head support (Google "Mew Tongue Posture")
3. Get rid of Candida
4. Go on a sugar free / gluten free / alcohol free / dairy free diet

I've been doing all 4 for a few weeks now, and my Dystonia symptoms are 95% gone and getting better each day. I have no more anxiety or depression. I no longer have headaches or panic attacks. My Candida is still present, but I'm confident it will clear when I complete my detox and continue clean eating.

While I dont know if this would work with all Dystonia sufferers, it certainly did for me.

Ask yourself the following questions:

- have you been to the dentist before your dystonia symptoms started?
- do you have a tendency to chew your food on only one side of your mouth?

In that case, your dystonia may be caused by your teeth / bite.

Thanks for reading.
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