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TOPIC: Torticollis/Neck Dystonia just been diagnosed

Torticollis/Neck Dystonia just been diagnosed 1 year 6 months ago #3994

B) I have had Neck Dystonia for over 8 years and didn't know I had it and never heard of it before a relative stranger came up to me and said do you go to your doctor for your Torticollis and I said I have been to 6/7 plus medical experts and they could not diagnose what I had if it wasant for the lady telling me I had this condition I don't know what I would have done,thanks Jane I now know her and thak the lady for putting me in the right direction,im now having Botox,on cocodamal,tried dyasapam,but no change yet been on different medication for 18 months now with not much luck.Can any one guide me on a different type of medication/exercises? some one suggested acupuncture any one had this treatment? did it do any thihg.thanks dbstan.
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