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TOPIC: Botox injections not working

Botox injections not working 1 year 6 months ago #3962

  • Janeycat
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Great to hear from you Tim all though sounds you are having a bad time. Ot's funny we expect medical things to be a lot more precise or scientific and there seems a lot of dianostic wait and see darkness that we have to try to cope with.

Our physical challanges also couldnt be more different and I guess that's got to be a challange for the physicians too. But they dont get to live with it of course.But I think they can get just as frustrated wanting to strike that gold standard spot for all of us.

I do think there isnt enough time spent looking at hostory notes or taking time to prepare or think outside the box ... decisions are made on the spot and quickly but the waiting between is hard.

What gets me down is you are quite content with new hope at the begining but as time passes and you dont feel better it gets harder. Then I also think a mid botox follow up should be done. How can the effect be judged when it has worn off 12 weeks later...

I'm down too but can eat my arse off which I am grateful for. Mind not being able to be very active the comfort ice cream and chocolates are very very naughty LOL!

Maybe we could swap our afflictions for a couple of days. You could eat my chocolates and I could go for a run!

On the diazepam again. Trying to be jolly but really yes utterly fed up this last week too.

I bought that Sian Williams book "Rise" dont bormally read that kind of stuff but some relatable nuggets in there.

Im hopefully picking up a new kitten in a couple of weeks time and also been looking at puppies to cheer me up. Being off work I miss company.
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Botox injections not working 1 year 6 months ago #3963

  • Tim G
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Sorry you are not chipper at the moment. I totally agree; hope fades then revives a bit thinking yes this will change then fades. I would have thought you would have more time with the specialist seeing you are paying for it. Certainly the Doctors are operating at the limit of knowledge about this condition, and as it is not a life threatening illness or one that affects a lot of people, research into better ways of managing it is not a high priority. What we lack is a holistic programme to manage the condition given by the physician rather than just try drug by drug or try to fine tune the botox. The Society is good in that respect. Although bot. toxin seems to be the treatment of choice, the Society says a significant amount of people do not get much benefit from it.
I too can eat my arse off , but just more slower than before. Also messy with having to constantly wipe my mouth with tissue or paper towel. Can't really have friends around to eat, and talking and eating is a no no. I cannot afford not to eat a lot, as I have problems not losing weight much to my wife's chagrin. Hope you feel better about things having pets around.
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Botox injections not working 1 year 2 months ago #4076

  • rka
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Thank you both Janeycat and Tim G.....your comments about how little is known, so little spent on research, not enough time spent looking at history notes, quick decisions and how low you get when no treatment works and no further solutions offered. It helps so much to realise that I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings. Thank goodness this forum exists.....
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