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DLA To PIP 2 years 7 months ago #3634

  • MarieMarie
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HI All,
My Partner Ian has Cervical Dystonia & Writers Cramp diagnosed in February 2009. He has been in receipt of DLA (Dissability Living Allowance) since 2010 until 5th June this year when he was informed by the Department for Works & Pensions that his application for PIP which is a replacement benefit to DLA has been declined including his mandatory reconsideration and all relating financial benefit will stop. We are now going to appeal. This whole process and experience is devasting as I am sure all you sufferes are aware that Dystonia is a long term dissability with no known cure .The stressof of it all is making Ian's Dystonia worse . I can see that the Dystonia Society themselves have highlighted the difficulty with putting Dystonia into the correct language for such health assessors to understand ,ticking the right boxes ,but they clearly do not. They are happy for Ian to cross the road by twisting his whole body to enable him to look to the right but surely this breaks the green cross code rules look left look right then left again by which time a vehicle could be coming allow for the delay and ensure for the road to still be safe??? The same as preparing a meal they refer to simple but shy away from hot or cold, a hot meal would not be safe without supervison. Anyway I shall leave it there but please give me your views , experiences this really must stop!!!
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DLA To PIP 2 years 7 months ago #3643

  • yvoaus
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Hello, I am experiencing the same, having been refused PIP 3 times. I have these problems too, but what can be done? Yvoaus
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DLA To PIP 2 years 6 months ago #3661

  • neilk
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It is very important to get a good adviser, i am very lucky to have a' benefits in practice' adviser from the CAB who attends my surgery. My Doctor also provides a backing letter, on any claim forms going in. Still even with all this you can be asked to attend a medical at any time. And if that happens you are entitled to take a carer or friend with you.

Over the years Benefits have changed so much, having suffered from this condition long term.
I can tell you it really does matter how the form is filled in, and you need to provide all details
concerning how the condition effects you in every way.

I have learnt this from experience, and take nothing for granted have been through countless appeals in the past under DLA and before that when it was Incapacity Benefit. Many times have been lowered from one rate to another after appeal,and lost one appeal.

I believe there is also help here, where they will send a backing letter explaining about the condition and how complicated it is .

Please stay positive and don't be afraid to ask for help!

Regards Neil
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