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TOPIC: home visit by social services what can and should

home visit by social services what can and should 3 years 5 months ago #3204

hi all
I have kinaesthetic dystonia and over recent months this has affected my mobility more and more it originally started as spasms and cramps in my left side of my body mainly arm and legs,
this has now progressed to being a whole body affair some times it is just one or two places that wont behave but everyday appears to be different and this can go from being a hand spasm to a whole body including face in a matter of minutes, for varying degrees of time.
as well as not being able to get in and out of bath or even upstairs after a "challenging " night or episode I have trouble with all aspects of "normal living" and personal care after suffering with this for over twenty five years and managing to hold a wide variety of jobs as my symptoms were not too bad and I was able to mask or hide them if places/people became suspicious I just moved jobs I now find myself at 47 having to admit defeat and ask for help. I am ex services and my dystonia cost me my army career but so I made a new life however now I am tired fed up frustrated and damn right beaten I am very lucky in that I have the support of a good family and the British legion with all of its assets and knowledge.
my life over the last few months has again taken a new direction it would appear I am going to lose my job which was as a team leader in a manufacturing environment, even if I could still do the actual job its a forty mile drive each way and driving is no longer an option.
anyway back to the original issue on a "bad day" I cant look after myself that about sums it up - on a "good day I look reasonably well and fit and cope reasonably well so my quandary is how do I explain this to - such as to occupational health nurse who is coming to do a home assessment to see if what assistance they can be. and when I have to be assessed for benefits and a pension review if I am on a good day how do I address these issues any advice anyone.
this is stressing me out and as a consequence as you all know this means I am having even less good days and just a few days without the pain and spasms would be nice
sorry I know this is a bit of a rant . I hope you get the gist
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