The National Audit Office (NAO), which is an organisation set up to scrutinise public spending, has published a ‘progress review’ into ‘Services for people with a neurological condition’.

More information about the report, which was published on the 10th of July, can be found here:

The report checks on progress made since an inquiry by the Public Accounts Committee in the House of Commons in 2012, and found ‘mixed’ progress had been made in terms of implementing the Committee’s earlier recommendations around improving services.

The three recommendations against which the NAO judged progress to be poor were:
• “using the clinical commissioning group outcomes indicators set, joint strategic needs assessments and health and wellbeing boards to ensure that all people with neurological conditions have appropriate access to services
• “mandating joint health and social care commissioning of neurological services
• “ensuring that everyone with a long-term neurological condition is offered a personal care plan, covering both health and social care”

The Neurological Alliance, of which the Dystonia Society is a member, is planning to follow-up on the report and urge the Public Accounts Committee to run a new inquiry into the provision of services for people with neurological conditions. Read the response from the Neurological Alliance here...