Dystonia Europe represents dystonia patients across Europe and has a longstanding relationship with the Dystonia Society. It is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with a conference in Edinburgh and they have assembled a prestigious list of speakers.

The title of the conference is “Achievement and Hope”. It is a unique opportunity as all the speakers will be giving talks specifically targeted at patients. From the UK speakers include Professor Kailash Bhatia, Professor Tom Warner, Professor Marjan Jahanshahi and Dr Jean-Pierre Lin.

The agenda will be:

Friday 6th Sept morning    The past 20 Years – How knowledge and treatment of dystonia have improved (includes sessions on medications and DBS)

Friday 6th Sept afternoon    Dystonia research in 2013 and beyond (includes sessions on genetics and botulinum toxin)

Saturday 7th Sept morning    Living with dystonia (including sessions on physio, pain and psychology)         

The fee for the conference is £85 per person which includes lunch on both days and tea and coffee during the sessions. It is also possible to attend a Gala Dinner on the Friday evening for an additional fee.   

You can find more information relating to the conference and a booking form on the Dystonia Europe website.

Residents of the UK can pay in sterling through the Dystonia Society (please make sure you've completed the booking form on the Dystonia Europe website before sending us any money) – Sort code 40-52-40 Account no 00003759 or send a cheque to Dystonia Society, 2nd Floor, 89 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TP. The Dystonia Society will transfer the money to Dystonia Europe. Please note that the Dystonia Society are acting solely as a channel for payment in this matter. The Dystonia Society are not organisers of this event and have no responsibility for the booking, delivery or any other matter relating to the event beyond the safe transfer of your funds to Dystonia Europe within a reasonable time period.