Each year members and supporters go to amazing lengths to raise awareness of dystonia – and we love to see the amazing events our members put on.

Here are just a few ideas of how you can help to raise awareness of dystonia…

Collect some cash & raise awareness…

Box small You can use the Dystonia Society collection boxes to raise funds and awareness for dystonia! Would your local café or pub have it on their bar in Awareness Week, or maybe you could use it as a swear box in your office? If you’d like one please call 0845 458 6211 or email

 Hold a Tea Party…

Bring your friends and family together for an Awareness Week Tea Party! Last year Tea Parties raised around £5,000 and we hope to beat that this year. Danny Bryden from the Great British Bake Off has donated a great recipe for our Fundraising pack – Download it here!  

Tell your friends…

In Awareness Week we’ll be sending a Dystonia Awareness email – All you need to do is click “Forward to a friend” and fill in the form to tell your friends why you are raising awareness of dystonia! If everyone that receives our e-newsletter sends the email on to 2 friends that’s at least 2,000 more people learning about dystonia.

Share our page with your friends on facebook and use #DystoniaAwareness on Twitter. If all our Facebook followers shares the page, and just 5% of their friends see the post, 20,000 people will be more aware of dystonia.

Reach even more friends by changing your profile image on Facebook and Twitter to our special “Dystonia Affects Someone You Know” awareness week profile picture.

We also have an Awareness Week banner which can be used as your cover picture on Facebook - please use it to help raise awareness of dystonia!


Put up our Awareness Week poster

Download and print our awareness week poster. You can adapt it in creative ways – as Suzanne Thorton showed last year