jessJnicess Horton and Nick Calder-Bundy (both pictured) have been working with staff from the Dystonia Society to set up a new Younger Adults Support Group on facebook. They have big plans, and hope in the long term to hold group meetings, socials and fundraising events!

Dystonia is often seen as an ‘older’ person’s condition. We feel that younger adults affected by dystonia are likely to have specific needs that may not be met by current support groups - the new group hopes to address some of these.

 By ‘Younger Adults’ we mean over 18 years old and, as a guideline, under 40. However, no upper age limit is imposed and we welcome the ‘young’ and ‘young at heart’ equally.

In the future the group plans to set up a survey of members, to inform the initial focus of the group and its ongoing development, to gauge interest in meetings, and to help us decide on our first event.

The group aims to be a friendly place where people can share experiences and make friends with other people living with dystonia. It is a closed facebook group, meaning only members can read posts, although it should be noted that we are unable to vet people joining the group.

The group is run by Jess and Nick and is moderated by staff at the Dystonia Society.

If you would like to join the Younger Adults Dystonia Group please read the group rules and complete the request form here. You will then be sent a link to the group.