Organising the group


This briefing paper provides guidance on how groups may also like to publicise their meetings using local opportunities such as: appropriate clinics; local library; local media and so on.

You may be able to put a poster with details of your group and meetings in the local botulinum or neurological clinic.  Ask at the reception desk – sometimes they prefer it if the poster is laminated.  If you do this remember to keep it current and include the 0845 number so people can get in touch.

You may also be able to think of other places locally to put up information about your group or meeting.  The local library is often a good place, the venue you plan to use (if appropriate) and other places locally that seem suitable (eg community centre, local volunteer centre, CAB, supermarket etc).  Find examples and templates for posters here.

You may also want to tap into the local media: local radio and newspapers often have sections about local group meetings and may be prepared to include details of your groups meeting.  You may want to take a look at our briefing on making contact with the local media.  Read more…

If you would like more information or advice please contact us by emailing, alternatively you can phone 0845 458 6211.