Organising the group


The Society accepts that from time to time groups and volunteers (or the whole team) may be offered donations or gifts as raffle prizes or as a personal thank you for a service received.

Small donations can be accepted by the group and recorded through the normal financial channels. Larger donations should be referred to UK Office to be dealt with and accepted centrally; donations can be made centrally even if they are intended to be used locally.

The Society suggests that small items such as chocolates, biscuits or a bottle of wine may be accepted on behalf of The Society, and that such gifts can be used as raffle prizes or can be shared, if appropriate. Small gifts can be accepted if they are clearly intended to be a raffle prize or as a token of appreciation.

If a gift is offered to you personally as a result of your role please discuss it with Group Support & Development by email at or on 0845 458 6211, in order to avoid any future complications or embarrassment.

In order to protect the group, you and The Society where at all possible, and without offending, valuable gifts offered should be discouraged. Please advise any such incident to Group Support & Development by email at or on 0845 458 6211.

If a raffle prize with a value in excess of £100 is offered please contact UK Office by email at or on 0845 458 6211, to discuss the matter - it may be possible to make more for the prize nationally or with national support.

If after discussion a donor still wishes to give a valuable gift to you the matter should be referred to the Chief Executive, by email at or on 0845 458 6211.