Organising the group


The safest approach is for The Dystonia Society to hold group funds centrally. This is a requirement for all new groups.

This means that apart from petty cash (read more…) all group money is held centrally by UK Office. A separate record is kept for each group and groups can request a summary at any time.

Payment of expenses

Payments will not be made unless sufficient funds are available to the group. If groups are unsure about the money available to them they should contact Group Support & Development or UK Office by email at or on 0845 458 6211 before committing the group to any expenditure.

  • If groups hold a petty cash float they can pay for some expenses locally.
  • Groups can arrange for invoices for group meetings and events to be sent to and paid directly by UK Office (please contact UK Office to arrange this by email at or on 0845 458 6211).
  • Groups can also request payment to be made for invoices the group has received by completing a cheque/BACS payment requisition form (available here).
  • Groups can also use The Society’s expenses claims form (available here) to claim personal expenses (eg train fares associated with travel to a groups’ forum meeting). The form must be completed and returned to UK Office for payment.
  • Groups can also pay any money received locally directly into The Society’s bank account – groups must follow the cash handling procedures to do this (read more…). Groups can ask for the bank account details for paying money into by email at or on 0845 458 6211.

Current groups (with a start date before 2012) are urged to transfer their banking to the Society, if they have not already done so. If a group decides to keep their own account, they have an obligation to ensure funds are used in accordance with Society rules, that records are kept of all receipts and payments and bank statements must be checked by at least two people. References must be taken for all signatories and the CEO must be a signatory. If your group operates a bank account locally please contact UK Office by email at or on 0845 458 6211 to discuss banking arrangements for your group.