Board of trustees


The Dystonia Society is managed by its board of trustees. Currently there are eight trustees and the majority are affected by dystonia.

Trustees plan the strategic development of the Society and are responsible for policies and work of the organisation. They have a range of business, financial and management experience.

Trustees are elected by the members of the Dystonia Society and serve a maximum of three years after which time they must be re-elected. If you are interested in becoming a trustee, please contact the Society for further information.

Picture of Joanna Atkin

Joanna Atkin (London) - Chair

Picture of Roger Edmonds - Deputy Chair

Roger Edmonds (West Midlands) - Vice Chair

Shona Baxandall

Peter Meager (Scotland)

Nirmat Gill

Nirmaljit Gill (West Midlands)

Penny Ritchie caulder - Trustee

Penny Ritchie Calder, MBE (London)

Alec Sandison - web

Alec Sandison (Devon)


Christine Chapman (Surrey)